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  • Sex Denialism is Inherently Not Just Sexist But Homophobic

    Submitted by aemenasche on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 23:11

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    Some Green NC members seem to no longer believe that half of humanity born female is oppressed based on sex under the system of patriarchy or male supremacy. These Greens now insist that we all embrace without question what I will refer to as “sex denialism” –a literal interpretation of the mantra that “transwomen are women” (TWAW) for all purposes despite their male biology – in order to avoid being labelled “transphobic” and accused of far Right politics that is the moral equivalent of white supremacy. This change represents a giant step back for the politics of the Green Party, pushing us back to the early 1960’s, before Second Wave feminism arose and began to raise the consciousness of the broader Left.

    Calvin: I'm not in denial.  I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.
    Calvin: I'm not in denial. 
    I'm just very selective
    about the reality I accept.

    With sex denialism fully and unquestionably embraced, what possible meaning is there then to our commitment to feminism as part of our platform and the Ten Key Values? And how do we explain scientific facts like evolution when we no longer recognize the existence of sexual dimorphism in virtually all animals? No one will say.

    Sex denialism - the idea that sex doesn’t exist and/or has no social significance – fundamentally means that female sex-based oppression can no longer be named, recognized, measured, organized around or struggled against. *You know, things like the wage gap between males and females, the disproportionately female face of poverty, the underrepresentation of females in positions of power, the epidemic of male violence against us, the burden of the double day and society’s imposition of childcare, elder care and other caretaking labor placed largely on females, the infringement on our right to control our reproductive capacity through access to birth control and abortion–a singularly female issue – are no longer even speakable as such. Just like race blindness is harmful to Black people (can you imagine not being able to name the fact that Black people are the group being brutalized and murdered disproportionately at the hands of violent police?), sex denialism is extremely harmful and discriminatory to those of us born female.

    But sex denialism also means that neither can lesbian and gay oppression be named and fought against. To put it simply, if biological sex is no longer deemed to exist, /neither does homosexuality/. Thus, to deny the existence of sex is inherently homophobic, undermining and rendering invisible lesbian and gay lives. Do Greens in the NC care about that?