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It is a very sad day because the 10 key values of the national Green Party have been ignored, and distorted in favor of what has become an apparent effort on the part of a few to use authoritarian tactics to malign and misrepresent a state party that has walked the talk in representing their respect for these values since their inception.

For those who applaud the decision to disaffiliate the Georgia Green Party from the national party I suggest you examine your motives. Mob mentality to control and manipulate people's thoughts rather than discuss issues should not  be acceptable in any Party. Folks will run from, not toward, a Party that rejects honest dialogue and a fair process within which to accomplish that task.

To those who felt bullied and intimidated by the process I understand completely and wish more of you could have stepped up to voice your concerns instead of feeling paralyzed by the actions  taken by some Party members. To those who supported Georgia I am sincerely grateful for your courage and willingness to do so.  It has been ugly.

Do what you will come Monday. I still reside in Georgia and the residents there still face the same obstacles including voter suppression, limited affordable housing, poor access to education and healthcare, exposure to toxic chemicals and nuclear waste, unemployment and a corrupt 2 party system. The past 2 years has been joyless for me. I am moving on.

Denice Traina, MHe P.T.
Delegate on Green Party Affairs, Georgia

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