Hugh Esco offers Some parting thoughts

From: Hugh Esco
Subject: Some parting thoughts
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 02:56:43 -0400
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I write to leave both friends and foes with a few parting words.  

We have each had a front row seat to witness the ideological capture of something which was once worthy of our life energies, only to watch it be destroyed by bullies who have no respect for the blood, sweat and tears so many of us have poured into this project, often for decades of our lives.  

I have heard much speculation over the past year asking who in our ranks might be on whose payroll.  I see that Mr. Cooper in his parting comments has speculated that the operatives in our midst are actually democrats sent in to destroy our efforts to build an opposition party.  Those questions are now someone else's concern.  

Over the years I have had a hand in recruiting, developing and supporting the candidates and campaigns of roughly fifty candidates (excluding our slates of Presidential Electors) who have sought and run for public office on the Green Party ticket facing down what Richard Winger has characterized as the steepest hurdles to ballot access in the world.  In the process, we have managed to document those barriers and produce the evidence which has convinced courts to overturn, at least in narrow areas, the stranglehold which Jenness v Fortson created in 1971 to freeze the political status quo in Georgia at its 1943 Jim Crow stasis.  

But the national party has just chosen to toss aside that institutional memory, the relationships and the infrastructure we have built as a party in Georgia.  People relatively new to the party, who have never met those of us in Georgia, who never bothered to pick up the phone and give us a call with their concerns, instead launched a 15 monthh long vicious tantrum mischaracterizing the work and positions and character of the good Greens working to build this party in Georgia.  

To all the wonderful, passionate, knowledgeable Greens who have operated with integrity, particularly those whom it has been my privilege to work with over the years, you have my number and I look forward to working with you for years to come.  Know that we have been at work for months developing an infrastructure to take the work we began in this organization and to leverage it to create a new political home for all the adults still committed to the project which has brought us together over the past thirty years.  

To each of you who allowed yourself to be bullied into silence and submission, know that the party that you helped destroy was your own.  

To every misogynist who has disrespected the feminist values of this party, shame on you.  

To everyone who has turned a blind eye to the invasion of women's spaces by porn-addled autogynephiliacs imposing their fetishes on strangers without their consent, know that we see you and know what you are about.  We know as well what this trans-movement for the sexual rights of men is about.  And for anyone curious what I might mean by that, I urge you to read Shiela Jeffries who makes it clear:

As for those who have brought their tantrums, their irresponsible relationship with material reality and their lack of integrity or respect for the truth; and imposed that abusive foolishness on this space making it impossible to reasonably engage in the deliberative work of the party; shame on each and every one of you.  And shame on the state parties and accredited caucuses who named you to this body.  

As for those who insist that it is somehow ok to miseducate young people about biology, to tell them the lie that they can be born into the wrong body, to pretend that dysphoria is not a mental health issue, but somehow must be pathologized anyway because the insurance industry and the state does not pay for cosmetic surgery; to everyone who is pushing life-changing medical interventions on children incapable of fully informed consent; grooming these children to sterilize themselves and to turn their otherwise healthy bodies into life-long members of a gender medicine customer-base worth billions of dollars annually to the medical industrial complex; I can only say shame on you as well.  And leave you with, . . .

OK, Groomers, . . .

You may never face the legal liability for the medical malpractice, but you will bear the moral responsibility for having groomed young people into these destructive life choices.  

Meanwhile, any Greens who remember what feminism meant before the liberals turned it into a body of thought which prioritizes the hurt feelings of men over the the still necessary work of ending the sexist oppression of women, look me up.  We are building a new political home for you and every feminist woman and pro-feminist man who counts themselves as politically homeless by the institutional capture of the Green party and the Democrat party by the gender ideologists.  

The Georgia Green Party is not going anywhere.  And we doubt any supposed Greens from outside our state are positioned to build anything to meaningfully challenge us on our own turf. We're ready to continue the work, absent the insanity and hope you will join us.  

-- Hugh Esco, Secretary
Georgia Green Party