Open Letter to Dario Hunter and the Lavender Caucus

Open letter to Dario Hunter and the Lavender Caucus:

The Dialogue Not Expulsion Caucus makes the following proposals for carrying out a dialogue and discussion on issues of sex and gender that have divided us.

This is in line with the Georgia Green Party's support, in its statement issued on April 7th, of a dialogue on the substantive issues that would involve the whole Party. Our proposals would welcome all Green Party members and supporters to participate in a democratic discussion.We can do this by:

(1) Establishing an online discussion bulletin on sex and gender open to contributions by Greens of various viewpoints under fair and neutral moderation to ensure a respectful exchange of ideas and concerns on those matters of public policy which arise from this conflict;

(2) Organizing a public forum on the subject of gender identity and women's sex-based rights that includes representation from a range of viewpoints on the issue. This forum would either be in person at a national Green Party gathering or online such as through a platform like Zoom that would allow questions and comments from the audience. The event would be taped so available for future viewing.

We would gladly have representatives of the Georgia Party and the DnE Caucus meet with you to work out details for carrying out these proposals.


The Dialogue Not Expulsion Caucus

Let's Build Bridges, Not Walls.
Let's Build Bridges, Not Walls.