Re: [usgp-dx] Update on NLGC complaint against the GAGP

Submitted by dmkeil on Sat, 06/05/2021 - 05:28
Context - GNC Censored Post
June 5: expressed dissent from a reported AccredCom motion to dis-accredit the Georgia GP.

Date: Sat, Jun 5, 5:28 PM
To: National
Subject: Re: [usgp-dx] Update on NLGC complaint against the GAGP

According to Andy Ellis's message of four days ago, the Accreditation Committee has recommended dis-accreditation of the Georgia state party and will send specific wording to the SC for consideration of the NC.

I would have expected some comment on this list by now. Allow me to register a dissenting opinion and to comment that the process followed by the AC was out of order in accepting a complaint based mainly on alleged "violations" of platform, whereas the platform is not a set of rules. Also, the suppression of dissenting comments (including mine), the failure to provide for procedural fairness in an adversarial hearing, and the public intervention of the Steering Committee in the proceedings, have already detracted from the legitimacy of the AC's finding. Let us hope that the text that emerges reflects higher standards.

David Keil
Delegate, GRP(MA)