Re: [usgp-dx] Censoring for an opinion about policy and politics

Submitted by dmkeil on Thu, 07/01/2021 - 20:46
Context - GNC Censored Post
informed members of where the majority AccredCom report could be seen, and when the voting would take place; and urged that defense materials be made available.

Date: Thu, Jul 1, 8:46 PM
To: National
Subject: Re: [usgp-dx] Censoring for an opinion about policy and politics


In this thread we're discussing how to avoid putting each other down or shutting each other down. How do we separate that from "Dissent [as] an important source of knowledge" (Elie)?

"It's no surprise that this kind of behavior [words intended to injure or divide] exhibits itself just before a disaffiliation vote and a Steering Committee vote" (Tony).

Having taken a break from discussing disaffiliation, we find ourselves in contention about ecosocialism, vaccines, and how to discuss differences.  And it has brought us back to the matter that is now with the Steering Committee after action by the Accreditation Committee. We are to formally discuss dis-accreditation four days from now.

This is a time to study facts and to reflect. I understand that the Steering Committee has both a majority proposal and a minority report. The majority proposal is at It lists four references, to which should be added pleadings by the caucus bringing the complaint and by the respondent. Also to be made available as part of the record are testimony by expert witnesses for the defense and any minority report by a member or members of the Accreditation Committee. I'll be happy to provide links to some of the material, but it should be available to all.

The proposal URL gives a starting date for discussion as July 5 and a voting period of July 19-25.

NC members have the obligation to consider this material impartially. This can start with quiet reading, if the materials not yet available can be posted.

David Keil
Delegate, GRP(MA)