Re: [usgp-dx] Update on NLGC complaint against the GAGP

Submitted by dmkeil on Sun, 07/04/2021 - 16:59
Context - GNC Censored Post
agreed with Del. Michael Feinstein that a two weeks' discussion of #1062 was insufficient and repeated my concerns about availability of defense materials and the minority report

Date: Sun, Jul 4, 4:59 PM 
To: National, Michael
Subject: Re: [usgp-dx] Update on NLGC complaint against the GAGP


This is to echo Del. Feinstein's comments below. The proposal to dis-accredit a state party is a major decision with heavy consequences for all. It needs full discussion and all delegates need to review relevant documents. 

The proposal is at That site ought to include links to related documentation, including the minority report to the NC by AccredCom member Jeff Sutter; the defense brief; and testimony of expert defense witnesses. 

Formal discussion in the NC is to start 7/5/21. 

David Keil
Delegate, GRP(MA)