Re: [usgp-nc] Discussion Has Begun on GP-US Proposal: ID 1062 - Disaccreditation of the Georgia Green Party

Submitted by dmkeil on Mon, 07/05/2021 - 21:06
Context - GNC Censored Post
July 5, evening: on the first day of discussion on #1062, addressed the substance of the dis-accreditation proposal; quoted the Minority Report by delegate Jeff Sutter, and pointed out that the Green Party US is united in opposition to anti-trans hatred a



Date: Mon, Jul 5, 9:06 PM
To: National
Subject: Re: [usgp-nc] Discussion Has Begun on GP-US Proposal: ID 1062 - Disaccreditation of the Georgia Green Party

To make a case that the GaGP is "transphobic" and that it violates the value of social justice and equal opportunity, the proposal by the Accreditation Committee only quotes, exactly once, from a document endorsed by the GaGP, the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights:

“Men who claim a female ’gender identity’ are being enabled to access opportunities and protections set aside for women. This constitutes a form of discrimination against women, and endangers women’s fundamental rights to safety, dignity and equality.” 

If some males are viewed as in fact accessing opportunities and protections set aside for females, then Greens may indeed have concerns about such a "form of discrmination against women." This NC has yet to take up the cases for and against such a view. Until we do so, the AC's proposal is entirely out of order. 

The following is from the minority report by Del. Sutter; is based on the evidence he saw; and is consistent with what Del. Doyle has stated:

"Nowhere in the Complaint has the Lavender Caucus cited any evidence of the alleged transphobia of the Georgia Party, except for the assertions, unsupported by any actual evidence, that the Declaration for the Rights of Women as a Sex is a statement in opposition to the rights of trans-identified people. Nor does the Accreditation Committee anywhere provide any evidence that Georgia 'exhibit[s] bigoted, anti-transgender positions that violate the Key Value of Social Justice and Equal Opportunity.'... 

"Greens are all united by our support for trans folk to be able to do and be the way they want & not to be mistreated for their gender non-conformity or self-presentation. Indeed, all people should be free to dress and express themselves as they wish without discrimination, stigma, or violence. Members of the Georgia party believe this just as other Greens do. The disagreement that led to the LC’s complaint therefore has nothing to do with actual bigotry or prejudice on the part of Georgia."

Contrary to being a romping ground for anti-trans hatred and discrimination, the Green Party is united in rejecting it. The proposal by the Accreditation Committee is an effort to exclude members who are part of this consensus but who question certain elements of a narrow gender ideology. Prepare for similar narrow interpretations of eco-socialism and other commonly held ideas. 

David Keil
Delegate, GRP(MA)