Re: [usgp-nc] Disaccreditation of the Georgia Green Party

Submitted by dmkeil on Fri, 07/09/2021 - 22:15
Context - GNC Censored Post
July 9: replied to a claim by Delegate Noah Martin that age limits on elective surgery for minors impose "lifelong trauma"; replied to a Nevada delegate who announced a boycott of all organizations that fail to exclude from their ranks ideas deemed trans-exclusive.


Date: Fri, Jul 9, 10:15 AM 
To: National
Subject Re: [usgp-nc] Disaccreditation of the Georgia Green Party

Standards of treatment in cases of children who identify as trans are legitimate topics for discussion, including among clinicians. Puberty blockers are at best an experiment lacking longitudinal study data. Claiming that setting age limits for hormones and surgery will "force thousands of trans children into the lifelong trauma associated with irreversible gender dysmorphia" (Noah Martin), and penalizing a state party for its views, are an extreme stance.

It is normal for kids to wonder what "girl" and "boy" mean, and which they are. Children have long been told that girls play with dolls and boys play with trucks. Young children are in principle unable to authoritatively self-diagnose for sex or to give informed consent to life-changing interventions, including ones that sterilize them. 

Therapy and medicine have been politicized, and now some delegates are ready to fracture this party over such differences. We read, "The GPNV will not support, nor promote and will disavow, any entities that allow Trans-Exclusionary  ideals, rhetoric and/or policy into their ranks." Now Steering Committee candidates are pressed to disavow connections to the only body, DNE, that opposes dis-accreditation. 

Erasure of grassroots democracy will bring a new kind of internal regime.

David Keil
Delegate, GRP(MA)