Re: [usgp-dx] The "Emergency Committee to 'save' the Green Party"

Submitted by dmkeil on Fri, 07/16/2021 - 15:56
Context - GNC Censored Post
July 16: replied to an attack, by Del. Barbara Kidney, on the Emergency Committee to Save the Green Party. (In her post, Del. Kidney accused Del. Jeff Sutter of "anti-human rights propaganda" and said that Sutter and Hugh Esco, in deeming women to be a biological sex, were treating her, Barbara Kidney, as a sex object, which she said was "particularly loathsome".) Provided the URL and mission statement of the Emergency Committee. Asked that Sutter, Esco, and three women associated with the Emergency Committee be given chances to reply. Four other delegates were given chances to chime in with Del. Kidney; no one was given a chance to reply to her.


Date: Fri, Jul 16, 3:56 PM 
To: Barbara, National
Subject: Re: [usgp-dx] The "Emergency Committee to 'save' the Green Party"

This is in reply to Del. Kidney. The mission statement of the Emergency Committee to Save the Green Party is as follows:

"We stand for building a transparent party which respects grassroots democracy and due process. Accordingly, we will challenge autocratic decision making and kangaroo-court proceedings and a cancel culture that is destructive to democracy, open dialogue, diversity of thought, class solidarity and the Left. We will work to prevent purges of state parties and individual members for ideological offenses. We will help to build the Green Party through fellowship, respect for truth, hard work, and our adherence to the ten key values on which it was founded." ( )

The Emergency Committee has more women members than men and advocates for the rights of women as well as gender-nonconforming and trans-identified people. It currently has no budget and operates with volunteer labor.

Jeff Sutter and Hugh Esco should be invited to reply to Del. Kidney's comments. Among those women who have contributed to the Emergency Committee's work are Ann Menasche, counsel for the Green Party of Georgia, Kerri Bruss of WI, and Paula Bradshaw of IL, whose voices should be heard.

David Keil
Delegate, GRP(MA)