Mike Gammariello continues to threaten Greens with physical violence on March 14th, 2020

Bullying as a tactic of political coercion
Bullying as a tactic of political coercion

Mike Gammariello is a Congressional candidate in New York's 27th Congressional District.  Although publicly claiming an affinity for Libertarian politics, he qualified as a Green in the 2020 special election.  He has since been disavowed by the Green Party of New York States. 

In this conversation, Gammariello brags about his ability to have 23 comments of Green feminists removed by the moderators of the official facebook group operated by the Media Committee of the Green Party of the United States.  He writes:  "every antifa group in this country the east bay to nyc has a file on every one of your transphobic hate mob.  You are being regarded like every other bigoted hate group."

He claims that his doxxing on twitter 'was me playing nice.  Posting flight plans to where your transphobic bigot friend lives, that was me playing nice.' 

In his next comment, he writes:  "I'll will drag every transphobic bigot across the coals and out of our community . . . There is literally nothing you or anyone can do to stop us . . . " before proceeding to compare feminists in a feminist political party to 'white supremacists, klan members, proud boys, neo-Nazis and other bigots like you'. 

His next comment:  "I've you think cartoon memes are scary threats you're gonna wanna buckle up".