Women Silenced in Green Discussions about Gender

While the Lavender Caucus has done an excellent job in its posts to social media demanding that the Georgia Party apologize for its February 22nd platform amendment, reverse its position and submit to re-education, they have done an extremely poor job of creating a welcoming environment for real dialogue on the areas of conflict.

As the Georgia party's April 7th response made clear,

The hostility expressed to our platform revision by the leadership of the Lavender Caucus and its supporters in the party have included incessant name­calling, the use of sexist slurs (too often associated with violence directed at women); actual threats of violence, all targeting the women who have risen up to defend the actions of the Georgia Party and to deconstruct the misinformation used to slander the position taken by our Bonaire Convention and defame the leaders of our state party.The leadership of the national Party’s Lavender Caucus has supported and encouraged those making these threats. Any of these hostile tactics alone would be completely inappropriate coming from folks who we understood had embraced feminism as a key value around which we as a Party organize.

Taken together they belie the assertion of the leadership of the Lavender Caucus that they want dialogue or as you framed it in your phone conversation with one of our officers, reconciliation on the issues we have raised with our Platform Amendment. They resemble more closely hooliganism, than a desire to participate in a democratic process. They project an intention to exert power over the internal deliberations of our autonomous state party, accredited since 1999 as a member of the confederation with other autonomous state green parties, which we call the Green Party of the United States.

Particularly affected have been Green women who have been silenced by these tactics.  This page exists to provide an index to some of the documentary evidence collected by DnE members and supporters of the hostile environment created by Lavender Caucus members and supporters which thwart the very dialogue they claim to seek. 

Women silenced, at mass prayer depicted in The Handmaid's Tale
Women silenced, at mass prayer depicted in The Handmaid's Tale

Watch this space.  This index continues to be built and populated from our archives.