Women's Caucus Warns Member for Promoting Event Discussing Men's Violence Against Women

From: Denice Traina Censorship is the weapon of tyrants
Date: Sat, Dec 19, 2020, 7:55 PM

Hello Everyone,

The latest installment of suppressing the voices of women in the Green Party surfaced when the leadership of the Womens Caucus issued me a WARNING because I suggested Caucus members attend a panel discussion with experts on the topic of violence perpetrated by men against women. This event was promoted by the Georgia Green Party with sponsorship from Los Altos Institute in British Columbia, Canada commemorating the UN International Day of  Elimination of Violence Against Women. Amazing how it is now taboo to  talk about men perpetrating violence against women in the Green Party??  see the ad below for yourself and the email. Apparently there is no room for public discourse on this topic in the Green Party.

Denice - after discussion with the other officers I am sending this warning because you have posted notice of an event with panelists who have advocated against people's right of self-determination with regard to gender identity and sex. This right is supported by our platform and a statement approved by our caucus. Further postings of this nature will result in more serious action provided in our bylaws. Please review emails to this list carefully before sending including links and external references - Ann Link

Denice Traina, MHe P.T.


Ending Men's Violence Against Women with this Generation