Sinead Watson -- detransitioner from Scottland

Gender dysphoria is a very serious medical condition that,
you know, shouldn't be conflated with the awkwardness of adolescence. 
But that is what's happening. 


Sinead Watson is a detransitioner from Scottland, who has spoken with hundreds of other detransitioners. 

Here she discusses from her own experience of trauma, misogyny as she experienced it, and related factors which led her to self-refer to a gender clinic.  She discusses the failure of gender medicine practitioners to examine her history of trauma, her mental instability and her suicidal ideation; all in their efforts to immediately affirm her.  She discusses the internal conflicts she faced once she began to experience transition regret, and the failure of gender medicine practitioners to provide support for detransitioners.  Ms. Watson explores the misogyny inherent in the trans narrative, holding out transition as a means to escape the trauma visited on young women in our culture.  She discusses the state of organization among detranstioners, acknowledging the vast numbers of detransitioning women who are lesbians, and discussing the homophobia of trans-away-the-gay conversion therapy.  She discusses what she calls the trans-trend, which provides young women 'a place to belong', and the powerful enticement this presents to young people who are drawn in by their experience in online social media forums.