GaGP Adopts Platform Amendment HR4 to Endorse the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act

At the February 22nd, 2020 Bonaire Nominating Convention of the Georgia Green Party, delegates were also agreed to further amend the state party platform to endorse amendments to the Equality Act intended to to extend civil rights protections for gender nonconforming individuals in ways which would continue the existing sex-based rights of women.  Adoption of HR-4 now puts the Georgia state party on record stating in the preamble to its Platform's chapter on Human Rights:

Efforts by advocates for the rights of trans-identified individuals have campaigned for the inclusion of 'gender-identity' as a protected class under existing civil rights law. Feminist organizers around the world have identified such policy demands as in conflict with the existing sex-based rights of women and have called for opposition to gender-identity protections which fail to account for the concerns of women. Elevating gender-identity on a par with sex as a protected class pits the established sex-rights of women against the demands for inclusion and protection by trans-identified persons. However, a prohibition of discrimination based on 'sex stereotypes' provides many important protections for trans-identified individuals without placing at risk the sex-based rights of women.

The Georgia Party added the following new plank to their Platform's chapter on Human Rights:

#. The Georgia Green Party endorses passage of the Equality Act (HR-5 / SB-788, in the 116th Congress) as amended by the Feminist Amendment developed by intended to protect the sex-based rights of women while adding to existing Civil Rights statutes related to employment, housing, credit and jury service, two new protected classes to protect people from discrimination based on 'sexual orientation' and 'sex stereotyping'. We further support the adoption of similar state level reforms.